Monday, May 12, 2008

Some of the great people we've met in the past 12 hours!

This is Dotty, she is housing us. She's a total sweetheart! She made us a wonderful breakfast this morning, then she went on to make a big pot of her famous vegetable soup for the volunteers at Hillary Headquarters! Dotty is the best, we are very fortunate!

This is Larry Hicks. He is made first other real Hillary art car I've seen! He has traveled 19 states for Hillary! This morning, while driving though downtown Charleston, he was shot at 3 times. 3 bullets went through his vehicle right behind his head. He literally almost had a heart attack. Though he was outwardly very stoic and sweet, he was upset that the media had no interest in covering this story. He was really shaken up. I can't imagine what kind of sick person would want to harm such a kind man!

This is the Sherrif of Fairmont, west Virginia. He liked him, he was very nice to us!

This is Michael. He di not make a good first impression, to say the least. He began by saying some extremely rude things about Hillary, and about us. Afterwards, I saw him again in the restaurant, and I said that I thought he needed to work on his manners, and that he owed me an appology.
He agreed, and appologized. He then appologized to Suzanne, and sat down with us at our table. We soon decided that Michael was alright, and he even helped us get some press ( CBS< Washington, I think it was). So Hillary is right when she says she believes in giving people a second chance! we ended up having a pretty good conversation about Hillary!

... and lastely, our friends from the Daily show. I think they are a lot of fun!

Until tomorrow, have Hillary dreams!


love23 said...

I love the look of Michael, looks like alot more to that story!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

You are truly making inroads for our fave candidate! Can't wait to see you on the Daily Show!!!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

By the way, be careful! I don't want those bullets going thru your car!!!

El-Change-O! said...

We're going to do it big in West Virginia! Great people here!