Sunday, May 11, 2008

On various topics...

I am huddled in a car in the rain picking up intermittent internet. It's late, we are tired, and we still have to drive a ways to find our "supporter housing." So without further ado, here's some other topics....

The Hillcar makes the front age of the Drudge report!

The Drudge Report

Today's Hill-color was... daffodil! A great choice for Mother's day!

The Hillary/Chelsea event was held in Grafton W.V.
Fun fact, Mother's day was invented in Grafton! They have what they call the "Mother's Day Shrine" there.
A huge, church-like building, with stained glass windows depicting famous ( I guess!) mothers.

Suzanne says I'm now speaking in "Blog speak", as I sit cramped over this computer in the dark car.
O.K., over and out!
...One last thing, many, many thanks to Rod and Sally for supporting me and covering my shifts at "Cafe Roka" in Bisbee, AZ!
Not that many restaurant owners would tolerate all these shenanigans!


love23 said...

Right next to Bush on the DRUDGE REPORT, that's too great. I love the headline too, Hillbillies for Clinton, if they only knew how much we love that word, Hillbilly Ho Down and all!

kcmustang said...

AOL has feature "why is she smiling" if you go to that link

Picture number 12 of 150 is the Hillcar