Sunday, May 4, 2008

Speaking of Chelsea

Yesterday I was set up with a conference call with the NC team in Raleigh. When I called in the first guy to answer said he was in Raleigh with Chelsea, and here she is. We talked of plans with the Hillcar, and she said she would e-mail me further instructions. Before receiving the e-mail I spoke with Hank, the man who set up the call who is a friend of Jamie Brazil. I said "I spoke with Chelsea, I'm assuming it is Chelsea Clinton." "No", he said "That's Chelsea Peterson, head NC field director." For a moment there I thought I was talking with Chelsea Clinton!
Anyway, I DID just speak with Chelsea Peterson, who is sending us out to work some Bill Clinton rallies today, and Chelsea CLINTON will be working them as well!
I am in a hurry to get going but want to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me a donation! If I didn't get a chance to write you this morning, I hope you understand! I look forward to doing that later ! Your support is so important to me, on all levels! Thank you more than I can say! Let's go Hillary!

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love23 said...

Hope you have a great campaigning day, call me later and I will tell you how the memorial service went.