Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Daily Show!

The Hillcar and I may be heckled tomorrow night on the Daily show. I met Jason Jones and he interviewed me, it was pretty fun!

Jason then took the Hillcar for a ride!

We had fun with him, as I am sure he will have fun with us tomorrow night!

As we drove away Suzanne put on the Hill-mask and we honked at him. His last words were, "Oh my god!"


Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

omigod! Gretchen and the Hillcar on the Daily Show! WOW! We'll have to stay up and watch it live. We usually watch the rerun the next day. It's on 4 times a day here in Tucson. So glad they found you. That might be the most fun you have!!!

love23 said...

Oh my GOD! I will tape it! FOR SURE FOR SURE FOR SURE! Remember we all wanted you to be on Colbaine's show but this is way way way BETTER, OK! I am thrilled to read this! It's 1AM and I have been off the computer most of the day. What a great surprise for going to sleep with, I hope I dream that I am a fly on the wall while you were getting filmed and see it first hand tonight in my sleep! XO KATE

stylin said...

wooowo! there was Hillcar sighting on Anderson Cooper (CNN) show. as a funny side note he is Gloria Von Furstinberg's son. 6 degrees of fashion as always with Gretchen!

stylin said...

Jason Jones, Jason Jones......he is so dreamy! Lucky you Gretch, make me proud!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Actually, Anderson Cooper's mom is Gloria VANDERBILT! Yes, I saw you and the car on CNN today. What fun! The announcer said you are an artist traveling around with your Hillary car and even wearing a Hillary pantsuit!

Amber said...

lmao..I just spit my Dr. Pepper across my keyboard when I read about Suzanne driving away wearing the Hillary mask, and that guy exclaiming: "Oh my god".

lol That was hilarious!