Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am so touched, I can't believe this!

This was made by a wonderful, mysterious woman who goes by "mariandelochs", in West Virginia! Wow! Thank you girl, so much! I feel truly honored!


kcmustang said...

tears to my eyes...this is so beautiful. Thank you Mariandelochs. Gretchen this video captured how amazing you are and those suits serious rock!

love23 said...

Great Gretchen, just back from the fireworks et al, and I am so happy for you with this wonderful tribute to you and your creativity! I hope you are sleeping right now in your very comfortable bed! I just love when people you encounter really get what your art is about!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Gretchen! It was my supreme pleasure to make that video, and to finally meet you in person - a wonderful artist who took a lot of time to create that beautiful Art Car, truly an evolving masterpiece that comes straight from the heart.

So, has Hillary seen the car itself - in the flesh (in the metal?), so to speak? Now I wish I'd taken even more pictures of the car! Will you be taking it to Hillary's town hall meeting in Eleanor, WV, tonight?

- mariandelochs

annie said...

awesome hillcar gretchen! anne and bob turned me on to your website. sorry to miss you on my trip to bisbee.