Thursday, May 29, 2008

Broke down in Nutter Fort!

I spent a good part of the afternoon fighting with my new G.P.S., which by the way, sucks. I can't get it to work, at any rate!
I joked to my sister-in-law this evening that I maybe I'd spend the night in Nutter Fort, ( I spotted it on the map and liked the name). Well, here I am... my car died just outside of Nutter Fort as night was coming on. Lights, and electrical stuff first, gas was low but suddenly was almost out...I slid into Nutter Fort just in time, because then my car went dead, kind of like in a horror movie. "Lighting cracked as the old gas station attendant said " Looks like you'll have to spend the night here in Nutter Fort, Ma'am. Some folks say the old fort is haunted. Ain't no rooms around here 'cept at Old man's Nutter's place!" ( thunder).
The guy at the gas station gave me a jump which allowed me to hobble over to Old man Nutter's hotel. ( Kidding, I'm actually in a normal hotel).
But it looks like it needs a new alternator, whoopie!


love23 said...

Hey GB, That's too bad about the alternator, but hope it gets repaired very quickly tomorrow and you are on your way to Washington DC early morning! That towns name! Yikes! I have been glueing half marbles onto my cactus for about 5 hours! ran out of the color. It will all work out, I know it! xoKATE

Teresa said...

Hey, too lazy to look up Nutter Fort, but is that in MD or where? That is a nicely composed and lighted pic, sorta - 'cuz the backdrop looks eerily like a...graveyard? (Don't kill me for that!)

Hope the alternator gets a quick fix v. soon and that you're back on the road and in Northern MD by Friday! Shall give a buzz sometime tom. after the meeting's done for the day to check up on you. The time diff here on the west coast still confuses me! Please continue to have a safe journey to the District!

Much love - T.

Tour Wonk said...

Sending quick and relatively painless repair thoughts your way, dear friend... I think El Frida needs some brake work... I am not looking forward to that expense...
($1000.00 last time)

Check in with me when you can.... love ya!


El-Change-O! said...

Off to see the wizard! Thanks for your thoughts! G