Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A commercial break!

I'm just taking a minute here for a commercial break! Thank you everyone for your support with helping me keep the Hillcar out on the campaign trail fighting the good fight! If you are just checking out this blog, or haven't had a chance to donate please check out:
The Hillarys are coming!

Please note the paypal donation button to your right as well!

Melissa and I will be heading onward to West Virginia tomorrow. We are funded solely from your generous donations and my credit card!
We've been out all day with the Hillcar working up excitement for people to get to those polls, and we will be back at it in a moment!
I spoke with Jamie Brazil ( Hillary's cousin) today, we said he will be having lunch with Hillary tomorrow in D.C., and will discuss the Hillcar with her then! Cool! Thanks again, everybody! Much love to you all!
Gretchen, Melissa, and the HIllcar!

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