Thursday, May 15, 2008


We got to our supporter housing late lat night after what felt like forever driving down dirt roads. We woke up to this!

We are on a real Kentucky-style horse farm. But my question is, where are the horses, and where is Hillary?


love23 said...

Hey GB a friend of my brother Brad's, who's in Belgium, wants to purchase a MELMAC, are there any left? I thought they were all gone, but if some left, let me know and I will contact him, according to your site there are plates left, but I thought they were auctioned off and signed by the Clintons, and you can't sell them!

mariandelochs said...

Apparently, Hill was in South Dakota today. Don't know rest of her schedule till Primary Day, Tuesday. I think Bill's doing talks around KY, though.

D'you get to do some driving around Frankfort and environs? What's it look like over there for Hillary?

Stay safe, Gretchen and Suzanne! Keep on rolling!

Amber said...

I heard some very troubling news today about the Repubs' plans for the fall...I read that the GOP have some very damaging material in their "ruin the democrat" play book that they plan to bring it out in an "October Surprise". Apparently, they have some sort of video footage of Michelle obama talking in Rev. Wright''s church about "whitey" (meaning the white folks). OMG...if this is true, us Democrats are screwed!! We seriously need to nominate Hillary while we still can. GOP is planning on Swift boating Obama like they did Kerry!!!!

Hill is our only hope!!!!!