Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today Hillcast... Turquoise!

Being rouge Hillary warriors occasionally has it's downsides. We have to brush-cut our own path through this campaign, trying to carve out a niche for crazy art cars and the like! And believe it or not, it isn't always that easy! But we brush ourselves off and ask ourselves, WWHD ( what would Hillary do) ? And the answer is always the same... get back up and keep on fighting!

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love23 said...

You go GIRL! We spent a lovely day with Jade (while she made bracelets for a RAVE she's having in Jesse's livingroom). Jade and I even drove over to SV to get more pony beads, and in all she made 18 bracelets. She's coming back next weekend to make even more. Will be so good to have you back in Bisbee where we all love you so much! Can't wait for the HILL CAR to be back in our town again! xoKATE