Monday, May 26, 2008

Count us in, we've just begun!

We have to keep fighting, people! Our friend Je'Amour is bringing 3 other decorated cars. She wants me to pass on this info to you... painters tape does not hurt your car, and we've got Hillary signs!
Please come to DC and join us!
Now is the time, let's get out there and stand up for Hillary!
Pass it on!!!!


Teresa said...

Just offering a rare dose of reality from a Brit observer, of the appalling attitudes of US media in this campaign season (sorry, G, it may get whoever reads it hopping mad, if they aren't already):

Linkie here: Hating Hillary

(Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.)

Onward to DC to let the DNC know what's what!!!

Teresa said...

Just a quick note re need to pre-register to attend the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting on May 31, 2008 (posters, signs, etc. are banned at the meeting itself!):

Sign up NOW to reserve a seat for Clinton supporters! Slots will be going fast!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you need to register to attend the D.C. meeting. Can't just show up.