Thursday, September 10, 2009

Congratulations, Capricia Penavic Marshall!

Capricia Marshall is being sworn in by Hillary Clinton as "Chief of Protocol" for the State Department today. She will have the rank of an Ambassador.

Capricia was a tremendous help to me on the Campaign Trail. She assisted me many times by doing the work necessary to allow the Hillcar to be included within Hillary's rallies.
She is always kind, friendly and very helpful, and I can see why both Hillary and Bill have trusted in Capricia for many years.
It's great to know that Hillary continues to surround herself with devoted, trustworthy, and extremely competent people.
Congratulations, Capricia! 


Tour Wonk said...

I'd say a ''Capriciation Party'' is in order! Wouldn't you?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I'd say!