Friday, September 18, 2009

The Critic

I call this Pantsuit "The Critic".
The last to leave any art opening, you can always count on "The Critic" to thoroughly annoy.

The Critic thinks it knows everything about art, and everything about everything, for that matter.

The Critic thinks it's funny, but in reality it's only sarcastic and insulting.

If you see The Critic coming your way, you might want to head in another direction.


Chew-Mee said...

Only 1? Shit I know of at least 100 in Bisbee alone.

Anonymous said...

Any trace of the latest M.V. pantsuit?-------Let me know when it arrives at your door!!Sent it 1 week ago U.P.S.

love23 said...

Oh Gretchen you just keep me so happy, it's a joy to read what you've come up with daily! Just love love love your zany sense of fun and humor!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Ha, this is so dumb really. I wonder what tomorrow's pantsuitin' holds in store?
No sign of M.V. pantsuit yet.

love23 said...

"PANTSUITIN" I could make a song up that would go with this, I think I will for the proper occasion! (Of course you know you can hear it already, to the tune of "Barefootin").

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Perfect, Kate!