Monday, September 14, 2009

A night with the Stars

The Stars were out in Bisbee last night at the fabulous Loma Linda mansion...

Our hosts... Ziggie Stardust and Cher, thought of every little thing to make the night sparkle.

After spending the day considering who to be, I finally decided on Raquel Welch.
I went for the early, earthy, groovy "2 Million Years B.C." era Raquel.

Suzanne also came as Raquel, and made a much better one I think. Here she is with Braveheart.

         Hugh Heffner and Blondie

       Ziggy Stardust

          Ester Williams

      Edie Beale from Grey Gardens

    John Denver and Lady Gaga

                Gunslingers galore!

           Cher and Edie Beale

      Marie Osmond, caught in the act!

    Sid Vicious, napping underwater in his chez lounge.

    Many thanks to Ziggy and Cher, for inviting us to their home for a spectacular evening!


love23 said...

Gretchen, great shots, you are becoming such a great photographer! I love that shot of me as Esther! you have the knack like Harrod to get it just right, so it's flattering, and you do that with all the shots! Great party and fun costumes for sure!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I enjoy taking photos, but I don't think I'm doing much more than documenting.

Tour Wonk said...

HOW FABULOUS!!!!!!! You guys have all the fun!!!!!

Diane Bombshelter said...

Fun photos! I probably would've been Nancy Sinatra.