Friday, September 25, 2009

Cloris Leachman and the Clintons

I just finished Cloris Leachman's autobiography ( thanks Emily!) and would like to share with you the  "Cloris and the Clintons" passage.

It seems back in 1992 that Cloris noticed that Bill Clinton's "body was becoming distorted from eating on the Campaign trail" from all that "grabbing and snacking". Though she didn't know the Clintons, Cloris felt she could help him loose weight.
She called Hillary whom she'd never met but who's number she'd had "got somehow", and talked to her secretary for probably 45 minutes. After a leisurely chat, she left a message for Hillary that she could "get our new president to loose a few pounds".
Hillary called her back a couple of days later, and was completely open to the idea of Cloris coming to the White House to cook a few meals that the President would enjoy eating, and help him take off the weight that he'd put on.
Cloris suggested she wear a paper bag over her head, so that no one would know who she was.

I don't think Cloris ever ended up in the White House kitchen, but how much do you love those gals?


Flying Mermaid said...

Plenty! The story's just as adorable the second time around!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Now for "Fabulous Nobodys!"