Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hunting the Wild Pantsuit

I sent this afternoon hunting for Pantsuits in their natural habitat... thrift stores.

I had to get kind of crafty and wear a variety of disguises in order to catch them.
They are a tricky lot, they usually hide here and there, disguised in boring colors as to blend in with the scenery.

Spotting a truly bright Pantsuit ( ala Hillary Clinton) is like discovering a rare bird... next to impossible unless you want to devote your entire life to Pantsuit hunting.
I've come to the conclusion that one must mix and match.
Bright colored Pantsuit jackets are a dime a dozen, it's those matching unflattering stretchy pants that seem to have flown the coop.
SO, I suggest you buy pants separately, in as close to the same crazy bright color as the jacket.
Of-course you probably won't find pants with the traditional "room to grow in" elastic waist, but maybe this isn't a bad thing.
Mix and match. This is my current technique.
This and a tricky disguise to sneak up on them in!


love23 said...

Is this the Thrift Store on 6th Avenue? That snout mask is cool! I hope they had that fantastic buy a bag sale?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Actually, we ended up at a different thrift store, I sill wonder what delights are at the first one, though!