Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Plein Air and Pantsuits

Art Envoy Lily and I will be painting together this year in Bisbee's Annual Plein Air contest  weekend.
We will be wearing Pantsuits, of-course!

This means I've got to go Pantsuit shopping... again!
Oh, Pantsuit Gods... please smile on me today!


love23 said...

By the way, I am counting the days until my pantsuit arrives! I will have to stencil or paint on it, for sure to bring it up to my liking and get it ready for the colorful bouncy party coming up sometime in October. I love this tin painting, it's a great one. I am thinking you should have a show sooooon of the tin paintings, and I would offer my studio, as right now the walls and peg board are completely empty, and all my art put away since ART MART. So let me know and you can throw a big bash and sit it for a week or so, to have those paintings go flying off the walls!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Nice of you to say, Kate. But I never like to do the same thing twice, so I will need to dream up something a little different, still dealing with Pantsuits, though!