Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Sarah Palin naked" revisited

A day or so after John McCain announced his choice of running mate, I ran this photo I called "Sarah Palin naked".

It is only an old photo of Sharon Tate, but it's received almost 50,000 views to date. As we play unaware up here, way down below in the blog this post still receives an average of 1,000 hits a day!
It's hard to believe, two months ago I didn't even know this phenomenon called "Sarah Palin" even existed.
So what the hell, I decided to bring this old post out into the light for one last day.

I think after tomorrow people won't be as obsessed with Sarah Palin any more.
Maybe she'll get her own talk show, and become the "white Oprah", as Tina Fey says.

Or, if by some unfathomable chance, she becomes our Vice President.
Hello Hillary Clinton Island.
I'm outta here.

But that's not going to happen,

Anyone need a ride to the polls?

1 comment:

bisbohemian said...

That is pretty sad...

HOPEFULLY, SP will retire back under the rock fro whence she came and we can forget that this little 15 minutes of fame ever existed!

Plus, after 4 (or 5, you decide) kids... do you really want to see ALL of her? Ummmm....naah....