Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Nothing is new under the sun", or "Doing my part for economic stimulus"

The other day, on an excursion to Tucson, I happened by a magical wonderland of fluff called "Forever 21".
Window after window of manequins displaying bright psychedelic 60's style fashions danced before my eyes. When I finally reached the entrance of this canvernous clothing candyland, I could no longer resist... I wandered in.
The music, a modern day tribute to 80's rockers like "Souxsie and the Banshees" done ala techno, had everyone in a feeding frenzy.
By everyone, I mean countless 20 year old girls and me, the 45 year old "ex-lover of Stevie Nicks".
I imagine these girls thought the music and the fashions were something new, but every scrap in that store is a direct rip-off from the 60's.
Groovy psychedelic tights in every imaginable pattern and color, boots that look like they belonged to Nancy Sinatra, dresses that looked like they came out of Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe in "Cleopatra", gold statues in go-go dresses in rooms painted purple and orange, a veritable garden of delights priced between 5 to 30 bucks.

Lost in a Mama Cass daydream, I had this moment of reflection...

Nothing is truly new or unique anymore. Everything borrows from the past in one way or another. Everything is a tribute to something else. The best we can hope for is to rearrange the elements in new and innovative ways.
This brings me back to H.C.A. INTERNATIONAL. We, the Art Ambassadors for Hillary Clinton, are clearly borrowing heavily from so many elements, most of which come from the 60's. But even the 60's borrowed from history.
Using art, fashion, technology,and humor, we may be on the path to rearranging the elements once again to create something rich and strange, or atleast entertaining. We don't even have to travel the globe to be effective, the next city over is just as good a place to startle and amaze!
I feel an H.C.A. field trip coming on!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Alessandro Machi said...

um, did you buy something? You did say you were stimulus mode. Just asking.

El-Change-O! said...

Oh ya, I wanted to buy the whole store, but limited myself to a few items in the end. I've got on the gold tights, black mini, and gaudy gigantic jewel rings today. I think part as a consumer for now (oink!).
I hate Christmas so will undoubtedly stay out of malls and stuff till afterwards.

El-Change-O! said...

Oh ya, part of my economic stimulus package is the advertisement for the cheesy yet delightful "Forever 21".

love23 said...

Hey GB, I just checked out a few things, and the prices are really cheap, that's amazing, everything must be made in a sweat shop. It looks like almost every item would look wonderful on you and very 60's! Wish I would have seen yesterday's outfit on you, hope your headache is better! Love KATE

Louise Slut Monkey said...

Field Trip? I got the Pink and I'm ready to roll Big Brass! Let blow this clam bake town and hit the road,Yea Baby!

El-Change-O! said...

Oh, lets, Louise!
Yes, Kate, I think every item was definitely made in a sweat shop for those crazy cheap prices!
Fashion or conscience? Hmmmm.....