Friday, October 3, 2008

Venus DeMars is coming to Bisbee!

Venus DeMars, fresh off her New Zealand tour, will be coming to Bisbee next Sunday, Oct. 12th, 2-6 PM, at the Bisbee Grand.
She is bringing her full band, "All the Pretty Horses". Venus is also bring her vinyl D.J. show, "Vinyl-Venus Space Lounge".

Venus DeMars is an internationally famous musician who comes from Minneapolis. She is the subject of the highly acclaimed documentary,
" Venus of Mars".

Don't miss this killer show! Put on your Goth/Fetish best and head on down for an afternoon of fun and debauchery at the Grand!

This day of debauchery is free!
Please bring a potluck delight!

( I took this photo when she played at our old club "El-Change-O!")


Tour Wonk said...

OMG!!! I love Venus!!!!!!

chew-mee said...

I will come in my black rubber outfit.....

kk said...

Hey there Gretchen...
Sounds like you may be busy in Bisbee. Wishing I was making an AZ tour to see Venus... heard nothing but amazing comments!
Loving the blog... I have seen more fun stuff about Palin then I ever knew... & we used to see her around town!
Do you know when you will hit Tucson? My renter TOM is curious, he sounds like a very private guy and wants to be kept in the know as far as your arrival. e-mail me and I'll pass it along. Keep up the fabulous work!

El-Change-O! said...

I don't know anything about going to Tucon, KK. Is this a Shawnee work thing?
We wish you could be in Bisbee for Venus! G