Sunday, April 13, 2008

The rebuilding of the raft

Here's the photo from a guy named named John Carter, he's the guy who's rebuilding the dragon raft. I think he is rebuilding it in Long Island. I know that the raft has been part of an arts colony there all these years. Last year I saw an article in a NY art magazine called "Paper" where a new generation of artists were building art rafts and living on them. Noone was actually sailing them though. Good luck to John on this adventure! I feel honored that anyone would want to restore "Dragonfly's Banquet"!

The only pic I have of the raft right now ... sorry it's so tiny!


love23 said...

It looks alot different, I don't think it will have the awesome painting that you did on it, that was truly what made it! But just having it rebuilt in someone else's version is really amazing! Pick you up at 3PM and the journey begins! with a send off cocktail party at the BOMBSHELTERS!

El-Change-O! said...

Yes, it all should be very interesting to see what unfolds!