Saturday, April 5, 2008

Let go, Let Hillary!

The auto-shipper should be arriving shortly to pick up the Hillcar at Lynn's house in Tucson. I spoke with the driver, "Cami", today, he will be taking it all the way to Hellertown, PA. It should arrive there on Tuesday, much sooner than quoted by A to Z shipping. It will be sitting for a week at Kate's mom's retirement home untill we get there.
Here is my rendition of the Hillcar on it's way to Pennsylvania. Lynn and Kees will be sending me real photos of the Hillcar getting put on the auto-shipper.. but until then, let go, let Hillary!
Have a Hillary day!


love23 said...

Gretchen, That is truly hilarious! What fun, I can't wait to see the photos, but quite frankly I love your version better already!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

YES! It's on its way! Lynn sent the pictures. I'll add them to the Hillary blog. Fortunately, I've had a restful afternoon. This week has been terrible with having so many deadlines to meet. Now I get a break!!!

You are going to have such fun with Kate in PA.

El-Change-O! said...

Judy, I hope you have an enjoyable, restful Sunday! Yes, the Hillcar is probably somewhere in Texas now!

Sally said...

Our stomach hurts from laughing and crying, We'll miss the hillcar in Bisbee, but we're happy it gets to see the US for such a noble cause.