Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 3

Today Kate and I are chilling out in Bethlehem at a cafe making our plans. We will be interviewed and photographed this afternoon by the Easton Express. Tonight we will see Wendy and Trina in Bethlehem. Tomorrow morning, early, we've decided to drive to Raynor, PA for a Hillary rally. It starts at 9 AM, and is about 45 minutes away.
From there we will go visit Kate's sister in York, stay the night, and look into what's happening from there.
The rumor is Hilary will be in Allentown on sunday, and everyone around here is very excited about that! But it's not been verified yet.
Didn't Hillary do fantastic last night at the debate? We watched it from "Tally Ho!"
Here's a photo of some random guys with the car...


Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Hillary did a wonderful job but still got dissed by the stupid political pundits. No matter what she does and does well, they still condemn her. They are owned by Repubs and want Obama to win because they will cream him!

You 3 give each other a hug from me when you meet Wendy in Bethlehem. I miss all of you. Good thing I'm here though. problem with left leg - can hardly walk! Glad I didn't go anywhere - I would be a burden to you! EEK!!

bombshelter said...

Hey Kids, I just figured out where your blog was, I thought it was the MySpace blog. I was wondering why nothing was posted yet, DUH! Looks like you're having a successful invasion. Maybe you could ride down South St. in Philly...maximum exposure! Go Hillary!

El-Change-O! said...

Hey Judy, I hope your'e feeling better soon! Dianne, I'm glad you found us!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

I'm living vicariously thru you and Kate! Thanks for the fun blogs so that I can feel as if I'm with you. And meeting Ted!!! I'm still impressed! Doc says it's just - JUST - a muscle problem and set me up with the physical therapist. It's better tonight. We had a fundraiser for Donna Branch Gilby who is running for Board of Supervisors. Miss you!!