Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Kate and I are sitting at the "DejaBrew" Cafe in Bethlehem, PA. Bethlehem boasts the only "Peeps, just born candy" factory in the world! We are dressed and ready for day one on the campaign trail! Turns out Bill Clinton is speaking this afternoon about 15 minutes from here, so that's a good start!
No article in the paper today, as we had been told by "The Morning Call", hopefully tomorrow!
The folks at the retirement home (where we are staying with Kate's mom) love the car and love Hillary. They've taken the job of guarding the Hillcar very seriously. One lady said she watches it from her bedroon window like a hawk, and if anyone even touches it, she will call the police!
Well, we are going to see what's up in Hillaryland now! sorry if my blog lacks photos, I will plug that part in a little later!
So far so good with reaction from Pennsylvanians to the Hillcar!


Pacific John said...

What's next?




Your magic worked in El Paso, it'll work in PA, and I want you out here on the West Coast!

And bring Zac and everyone else from AZ.

pacific_john at yahoo dot com

Pacific John said...

Here's the Oregon link.