Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My brother's complex April Fool's joke...

O.K., I'm bored with my lame April Fool's joke, let's talk about my bother's. My brother Jon, who I live with, has been working non-stop for month on his April Fool's joke. I mean it, around the clock, non-stop!
My brother has a music blog called
in which he made up a non-existent album and then had to cover his tracks. He claimed he found a copy of a rare Ray Coniff album,( the Lawrence Welk style elevator music king of the 60's and 70's). The album, "Ray Coniff- The lost Dub sessions", was a failed attempt at Reggae by Mr. Coniff. It flopped miserably and disappeared quickly, Jon claimed.
Jon's readers were curious, they'd never heard of Ray Coniff trying his hand at reggae.
Jon then made this fake album cover and posted it.

At this point Jon decided he had to actually make the album. Our house has been a cacophony of "ba da da"ever since. We call it "Ba da da" because these are the words Ray usually chooses to replace the real words with. This, combined with a Reggae beat and rasta dub, has been the soundtrack to our lives for the past month.
Jon became so obsessed with this project, his blog came to a screeching halt. He hasn't posted a single blog since.
Jon has been up all night trying to get his April Fool's joke out by April first. He is still upstairs frantically working. I believe he will eventually get it posted today, but I'm afraid he has lost his audience. That's where you guys come in.
I'll let you know when he gets his project posted later today, and if you can post a comment I think he would really appreciate that! Plus his music really is good! Check out "Lyin' Eyes", "My sweet Lord", and "I never promised you a rose garden" plus others greats, in "Ba da Dub"!


Flying Mermaid said...

Oh my god, I'm dying! I can't wait to peep it, didn't even know he had a blog, love that I'm gonna have a mad blogger taking care of Cora Belle!

El-Change-O! said...

It's awesome and finally up!

Tall J said...

Tell your brother that I think his joke was one of the most perfect jokes in the history of jokes. I love it.

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