Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a day!

It's been a long, full day here in North Carolina! We started the day with two interviews by local Boone papers.

Here's Jen and I with Hilldog.
Then we went around and collected Hillarys. Here's some potential Hillarys for tomorrow.

All of Melissa's friends are so nice, and so numerous! I think she should run for mayor of Boone!
We then went shopping for Hillcoats. In my dream all the hillcoats were red in the running of the Hillarys. I thought I would have to abandon this part of the vision until I stepped into the thrift shop!

Yes I bought 35 different red blazers! I thought I died and went to heaven!

From here we went to a Bill Clinton rally in Boone. Or I guess I should say we attempted to go! Most of the people going to the rally had on Obama buttons! I think Obama has cornered the market on bone-headed young guys with mega-phones! He can have them, we couldn't take it and split!
Off we drove to other Bill rally with much different results. The rally in Wilkesbourough was like a dream come true!

Even the police were nice in wilkesbourough. I am pictured here with the Chief of Police,Randy Rhodes, and his assistant.

Really wonderful people, a pretty town, Bill speaking from someone's front porch, really fantastic! Here's a close-up of Bill signing Melissa's Hillsuit!

From this rally we went on to another rally in another town who's name I'm forgetting at the moment (it's 2 AM and I'm exhausted!) We met these awesome guys there. Hey guys, I hope your reading this!

From this rally we went for the gold and hit yes another rally in Mount Airy! We never got in to this rally so we talked to some T-shirt vendors we met in PA, as well as a really nice officer for an hour or so.

Then we drove 2 hours back home!
A lot more happened today, but I'm pretty tired! A big shout-out to Kate for the supply of Hillcar photos with all my contact info on them. We gave out a lot and they were very popular. Great idea, Kate, thanks!
Well, until tomorrow... have happy Hillary dreams!


love23 said...

Great Gretchen! Looks really pretty there! There's a package waiting for me at the PO and I am wondering if it's more photos for you, since you opened the box on the way to airport, I originally ordered 4 views, if you only have 3with you that means there are 75 more waiting here for you, I'll check that package later. How many times did you see BILL? I want to know when he will sign the car! Get some rest!

kk said...

Hey Gretchen,
I got one thing to say ...."YOU'RE ON FIRE....FIRE...FIRE...FIIIRRREE!"
...oh I think there is a song like that?
Totally dig reading about your adventures. You have taken the world by the horns and run with it. Your vision/passion... always admired and appreciated beyond words!
Presently, I stand penniless... but Whip rented out Spring st and I will have some $ coming my way shortly. Anywho, I'll try to throw a few bucks your way.... you go girl!!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

We are all living vicariously thru you! So when you have fun, we have fun! Great pic of Bill. Did he remember you? How could he forget that pantsuit! Remember to tell him you know Joan Kaye!!!