Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So many Hillarys, so litle time!

The Hillarys are here and it's starting to look a lot like THE HILLARYS ARE COMING! Today, Wed. April 30th, at 5 PM we will be converging at "Reids",( the old jail house) in Boone to do our first running of the Hillarys! We will hit the town in Hillary stlye and enjoy some "Cocktail for Clinton!" at various bars around downtown Boone!

Tomorrow, May 1st, we need Hillarys in Ashville, NC. Time and place yet to be decided. The red phone car will be arriving! It may not be 3 Am, but which lucky Hillary will be the one to answer it?


love23 said...

LOVE that box of HILLARY MASKS! Can not wait for the photos of today and also more amazing the photos of Hillarys with the phone car! The notice was for the box we already got, so I guess you got all of them. That was a hectic morning and I didn't see the 4 views, but there are supposed to be! Have a wonderful HILLARY DAY! PS please email the flight time for your return, if you can. I am making plans for the Lynn and Judy party and the next day, and it would be helpful in my planning. Thanks!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

How in the world did you find those Hillary masks! You are quite amazing! Kate and I will party without you Tuesday, but you'll be with us in spirit - and us with you! Call on my cell phone at the party. We'll eat some funny cake for you too! So glad you are there and getting attention for Hillary. She can win both of these states - with your help, of course!!!

kcmustang said...

i am so happy that i got to chat with you, i still can't believe that we talked actually. i wish i new someone who lived in north carolina. i am going to have to find a way to catch you on the trail.