Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The lengths we go to entertain you!

So after the Bill rally we took a ride by the fund-raising dinner at the Best Western in Bethlehem ( home of the "Just Born" Peeps factory which we drove by on our way!). As we drove though the main drive we were stopped by the secret service. The secret service man said "hold up there" and then proceeded to stare at us for an intense minute. He asked what we were doing and we told him our story and asked if it would be O.K. to go in ot the bar and have a drink, he said sure and waved us on.
We went inside and were approached by a local Hillary supporter who wanted to invite us into the event, and asked us to please wait for her. We said we would wait in the bar.
Instead of happy Hillary volunteers, 3 policemen entered the bar. These weren't the people the nice Hillary supporter wanted to introduce us to! They questioned us and took our I.D. They interrogated us to the breaking point, " We're guilty", we finally confessed to the officers, "of being over-zealous Hillary supporters!"

They were nice enough to take our picture with one of the policeman.

Now we are back at the "Tally Ho"!
Oops, that not Tally Ho, that was where we had lunch today!


Anonymous said...

I think the cops just wanted to ask you gals out for a date later. He lookes like a pretty happy cop. Of couse walking the "just born peeps" beat would most likely be a pretty sweet gig! Stay safe.

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Yeah, that cop DOES look happy! You probably put some interesting life into his usual boring day. My heart is with you. Lynn decided not to go to Penns. so she and Kees are setting up the TV screen for Tuesday night's party at Elle just like they did last time. We're making calls this weekend thanks to Tony sending the script for automated calls. I emailed everyone - and sent another picture of your car and your blog hoping that more of our Tucson Hillary supporters will read it and see the work you are doing for Hillary! You look so cute sitting at the bar! Miss you!!!

El-Change-O! said...

I will call you later! we are at the Tally HO! Go get 'em Hillary!