Thursday, April 10, 2008

This one goes out to KC!

You mentioned that you didn't see any of the garbage from the "Glamour and garbage" party... I just wanted you to know I spared no expense with the garbage part of the decorations!

And I'm not too sorry to see my fabulous decore go!


kcmustang said...

haha god you are sooo contribute at least one smile a day to the universe :).

"not too sorry" to see it go.. actually i am in the midst of some letting go and all the yucky stuff that must be bagged up to see the good stuff. I shall use this photo as motivation. it is good to feel "trashy" every once in a while.

love23 said...

Hey GB, I am testing a message, as it wasn't letting me comment today. I just filled out some form for them, maybe that makes this possible. I heard back from the newspaper reporter, she called and emailed. I told her to call you if she could so you could be quoted in the article they will run this weekend before we even arrive in Allentown! Now everyone will have seen HILL CAR first in the newspaper! YEY! Guess they will use the photos I sent them.

El-Change-O! said...

KC, the best of luck with your emotional house-cleaning! That kind of stuff isn't quite as easy to let go of as clothes and junk is, but it feels so much better once you've finally let go of the things that don't work for you any more!

Flying Mermaid said...

And here I am getting all weeping just to see Shawnee's truck!