Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Hillcar needs to go to Indiana!

I'm back home in Bisbee, the Hillcar is following and should be here in a few days, Tuesday or Wednesday. Yesterday I scrambled to figure a way to send the car on the North Carolina, but the auto-transport driver was already on his way to Hellertown, and I couldn't change that.
I am asking all of your help to think of ways to finance the Hillcar in going to as many primary states as possible! I have to work quickly. If you know of anyone who would like to donate please send them my way! I need your help!
I feel more intensely than ever that Hillary HAS GOT TO WIN! This is of EXTREME global importance! If Barrack Obama wins the nominations he will NOT win against McCain! As Rob Reiner told me, the Republicans have already made their arsenal of "God damn America" videos and have them ready to go. We would wind up with 4 more years with a Republican President! I don't think America can withstand that,I don't think the earth can take that kind of abuse!
Working together, I believe we can have a significant effect on this election! I would love to brain-storm with you all, and decide what state I should focus on getting the Hillcar to next.
MAY 6 Indiana( 84 delegates) North carolina (134 delegates)
MAY 13 West Virginia (39 delegates)
MAY 20 Kentucky (60) Oregon (65)
JUNE 1 Puerto Rico (63))
JUNE 3 Montana (24) South dakota (23)

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Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Joan has promised $500. And I will give you more. Hopefully, we can raise enough to send you back. You really did some good PR for Hillary and the Clinton/Rodham families love you - along with Rob Reiner! I'll send out another email for donations to you. Love you and glad you are back in AZ.