Monday, April 28, 2008

I'll be in North Carolina tonight!

I got word from my friend Melissa that the Hillcar is safe and sound in her driveway in Boone, NC. The HIllcar is kind of like Herbie the love bug, it has adventures of it's own! The driver told Melissa that he had unloaded the Hillcar in Maine, and during the time that it sat in a parking lot, a police officer seriously attempted to give the driver a ticket for "illegal campaigning"! That's a new one!
Here is a photo of Hillary's brother Tony with his daughter. This is Hillarys niece. I just thought I'd state the obvious! Don't you see a little Hillary in her?

Here's a photo of Melissa Reaves, who will be my host in NC. She is picutred here with Robert Plant of Led Leplin, after she played with him!

I've got 500 H.C.A. buttons, new business cards, and yes....50 HILLARY MASKS! being shipped to Melissa's house!


love23 said...

Wow so long ago now since the victory party in Scranton, PA! By the way I was online the other night on Craig's list, cause I plan to stay in Scranton in the fall and check out more of the city. I'll be driving my Bisbeee Art Van across country after Jade's 15th birthday! We'll be by after I check the mail for the prints, please be a Hillary Magic Moment!

El-Change-O! said...

That's an excellent idea! Come on hillmagic!

Tour Wonk said...

Hot damn, I love me some Melissa Reaves!