Monday, February 11, 2008


I had a dream last night that I wore a tiny, illuminated gold vial on a gold chain. This vial held a movie that I was magically making. In the dream/movie I went to a confectioners, an ancient hut made of stone. The family of confectioners made the most delightful things with chocolate, whipping cream, candied fruit slices, sugar bricks, and all kinds of other delicious things. "Arcos", was the name of the town, the tiny movie, as well as the name of the lead character who was a fairy. The town of Arcos had waterways for streets, in which you floated from place to place, always downstream as good dreams go.
We collected charms for Arcos the fairy from the bushes, and nuts that held special powers.
" Arcos" the movie was to be shown on a lamp shade.