Saturday, February 23, 2008

Someone thought it was me in this picture

Of-course it's not but I like this girl's Hillary image! If you one of my paintings that resembles this one, you'll know where I stole the idea from!
Oops! the girl got cut off, I'll fix it later!


kcmustang said...

Woo Hoo. Today i received my fantastic, unbelievable, out of this world, incredibly, amazing Hillary Plate. I am all smiles matter how crazy my life is right this moment i am happy. I am going to find a happy place for this plate so I see it as often as possible.

Thank you, thank you for your groovy Hillary Clinton Army button that I quickly put on my jacket and the Hillary decals.

Today, was better than my last 5 birthdays combined!

You seriously rock. Thanks again.

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

I forgot to go back and bid on a plate! Have to buy one from you direct! Where are we meeting on Monday???

El-Change-O! said...

Kcmustang, I'm so happy that you like your plate! It's nice to have you here and thanks for being a part of the H.C.A.!
Judy, I'm excited to see you on Monday! I owe you a plate anyway, so you can just pick one out!