Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deconstructing the Pantsuit

Pantsuits are Hillary and Hillary are pantsuits.
Her designer, Susanna Chung Forest gave new life to the pantsuit by creating a design specific to the needs of Hillary Clinton.
But the Land of the Pantsuit seems to be a land that designers seldom visit.
Though the man's suit is continuously being reinvented, the innovative woman's pantsuit concept seems to belong to Hillary alone.
I'm doing a little research on deconstructing the pantsuit because I too need a pantsuit.
As the leader of the InternationalHillaryClintonArtAmbassadorPantsuitEnvoys, I need one...two... maybe four bad-ass new pantsuits. 
In the spirit of Hillary Clinton, they must be designed specifically for me.
Where will I wear them?
I'll wear them everywhere!
I'll need one for work, one for play, one for painting, one for parties, and one to simply be fabulous in.
If your planning on becoming an Envoy, you will too!

I did a little research on who's who in the Up-and-coming Pantsuit fashion world, and I have to say I came up short, to say the least.
But I did discover some great new designers who are visiting the peripheries of Pantsuit Land.

           Juan Hernandez Daels

           Dimitri Stavrou 

                             Henrik Vibskov
I know the design I want, and now I must find some cool fabric. This is equally as important as the design. 
Good luck in designing yours!

P.S. ( Which now has a whole new meaning) 
I hope this video provides some divine designing inspiration!


Anonymous said...

But---------Can you sew??????????
I have been scouring the Dumptique to no avail YET. I have Betsy Harrington on the job,also.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

NO, not even close. But I do know people who do!!
Keep scouring the show!

Vince said...

Like to Have something better.......



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