Sunday, June 28, 2009

Haute for Hill!

Apparently this photograph, as seen in All Things Hillary Clinton
is causing quite a stir in the Hill Haute Fashion Industry!

It appears our Trend-setting Hillary has done it again!
Arm casts will be the latest rage in Fall fashion!

The newest trendiest designers are clearly borrowing heavily from the Art Envoys.
They've added a few exciting new touches though, like the gold watch and chain. 
The watch seems to be permanently attached to the cast, giving it the "I'm very busy doing really important things" look.
Some designers are saying "breast plates for the ladies" and "football shoulder pads for the guys", others disagree.

 One must also note the fact that one pant leg is now much bigger than the other. 
This creates that "Comin' Attcha!" illusion.
Very exciting indeed.

Here at H.C.A. Headquarters, we have been inspired to add two new elements to the Martha's Vineyard "Myth of the Pantsuit" art show.
1. A Pantsuit Convention
2. A Pantsuit Fashion show
Some call it "Hill Haute", others "Clinton Couture", but whatever they may call it... bring on the arm casts, we love it!


Chew-Mee said...

So what would Hillary look like after a night of drinking with Louise and Rat Fink?.............
I have the answer for you,want to see?????

Hillary Clinton Army said...

That would definitely be a yes!

Anonymous said...

I agree to it...



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