Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pantsuit Envoy Youth make their complaints known

Restless Pantsuit Envoy Youth are reported to be loitering on moat of Baddseley Clinton for three days now.
Complaints like "Bored", and "All dressed up and no place to go!"  seem to be the consensus among these youth.
Gretchen Baer, 46, leader of the Hillary Clinton Army Pantsuit Envoys, seems to be a loss.
"Hillary, Help me!", Baer cries out. "I can't hold them off much longer with empty promises and meaningless slogans!" 
"Give me something for them to do!"
Check back for up-dates on this developing situation...


Charlene said...

Oh, it must be difficult to hold off the Envoy! How is the Pantsuit climate today?

Hillary Clinton Army said...


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