Friday, June 26, 2009

The Envoys are coming!

I was walking down the street today, thinking about the wonderful Envoy dream I had last night, when a lanky young man danced passed by me.
Dancing his way down the street, he asked me for another "Hillary Clinton Army" button.
 I called after him, saying that I would get him one soon.
He yelled "I wish I could do somersaults!" as he danced away.
This is the energy of the Envoy.

In my dream last night, the Envoys were coming. They were converging on the beach. More and more were arriving, each wearing a brightly colored pantsuit/suit.
Excitement was in the air. They were going to make art with anyone who wanted to join them.  They were fun, and full of inspiration and light. Everyone was laughing.

I want to make this vision a reality.

If you can, come to my art show on Martha's Vineyard, Saturday August 15th. 
Please wear a bright colored pantsuit.
All art proceeds will go towards funding the Envoys. 
This is a great place for an "International Art Envoy" kick off, if there ever was one. 
Perhaps you've already heard, but both the Clintons and the Obamas will be on the Island around this time. The energy should be crackling!
Young, old, artist or not, if you can put on a pantsuit, you can be an Envoy!


Charlene said...

What a great opportunity! I've got the time off - now it's just a matter of getting there and staying somewhere. Maybe the Clintons or the Obamas can sponsor an Envoy?

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Could be. You are one of the top ranking Envoys after all!

Charlene said...

Ooh...possible summer trip shaping up! I'm loving this! Need to pick an appropriate suit.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Go bright.

Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity!


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