Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend warning issued

The United States Department of State would like to remind you that if you are not old enough to drink,
you are not old enough to wear a pantsuit.
Pantsuit wearing among minors is against the law. 
If you spy any of this illegal activity, in which parents dress their children in pantsuits, please report it to the State Department immediately!
Call 1-800-NOT-CUTE and stop this Democratic epidemic before it stops us!

Enough said on this sad subject.


Charlene said...

kids these days....(sigh)

Hillary Clinton Army said...

It's not the kids who are to blame, it's their over-zealous Democratic parents.

Charlene said...

hmm...this does present itself as a serious Situation. HCA Member 093055 will be on her guard and report all incidents.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Keep your eyes peeled, 093055!

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes peeled..
It's not the kids who are to blame........



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