Saturday, June 13, 2009

A strange twist

Much to the surprise of the Clinton Kids, the Gunpowder Gang didn't hang around on the Baddesley Clinton moat last night, after all.
Instead, they disappeared into the Forest of Arden. 

  (A few daring Pantsuit Youth followed, and took this photo)
It seems the Gunpowder Gang have trunks of costumes hidden in the woods. Guy Fawkes costumes, to be exact.
They spent last night lighting huge bon fires and listening to grandiose classical music at top volume.
They never spoke above a whisper, they just smoked a lot.
This morning, all is quiet, and all fires are out here at Baddesley Clinton.

Secretary Clinton, it is reported, will be arriving within the hour.
But where are her security people and Secret Service?


Louise S. Monkey said...

Her security people AND her Secret Service agents are at St. Elmos with me....Come on down! We are getting FUC*** UP! Sounds like you need to get out of the, Baddesley Clinton...I mean. (Censored for The Youth)

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Er, how are you writing this if you are down at Elmos?

Chew-Mee said...

She send me message via eel in toilet!

Vince said...

Great columns.....


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