Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Official P.S.E. haircut

I just received Official word from the Department of State,( Pantsuit Envoy Headquarters) that the Official P.S.E. haircut has been chosen.

The Official P.S.E. shag can also be worn longer and shaggier, for a more rock star look.
 There are no restrictions on P.S.E. shag color.
Looks great with a bright pantsuit.
If you have questions, comments, or complaints, please contact the United States Department of State directly.


adugan said...

found your blog via HillaryVillage

I think the art is so cool.

Your name HillaryClinton's army sound familiar. Have you been around awhile?

I will add your blog to my blog list (lower left). I have the only Bill Clinton blog

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Oh, I know and love your blog!
Yes, I've been around a while, I'd say.
I formed the H.C.A. two and a half years ago, and have been running this blog for a couple years as well.
I will add your blog to my list too.

Tour Wonk said...

Can this hairstyle be acheived with a "Flowbee" or as it referred to in Canadia Land.." The Suck Cut" ??

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Is that when you pull all your hair on top of your head, and cut?
If so, yes, this is a simple haircut that anyone can give to themselves. You don't even need a hair stylist!

Anonymous said...

Very good art........



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