Monday, June 1, 2009

Conversation with a vulture

I took a walk up the mountain to the shrine this morning, to think about the passing of Rose.
As I approached the top, I could see something moving on the cross.
I thought it was a person.
As I got closer I saw it was a giant vulture, the biggest vulture I've ever seen. 

This vulture was posturing, refusing to leave the cross.
I walked up to the thing and had a long conversation with it.
It just stared at me with beady eyes, cocking it's scaly red neck as if to understand.
It then flew off the cross, swooped me, and flew away.


Tour Wonk said...

could it be that it wondered why you didn't have a plushie with you?

Charlene said...

Quite powerful. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Rose. Her husband and all her family and friends have my deepest condolences.

Anonymous said...

Thank U for sharing...



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