Friday, January 18, 2008

Big Hillary news!

Rainbow Hillaryland Forecast for Friday: mostly worky with a 75% chance of fun later in the day!
H.C.A. UP-DATE FOR FRIDAY: Lots of new developements for the H.C.A. Hmmm.... where to begin...
The new HRC Tucson Headquarters is opening tomorrow! noon till 2. I will be bringing my Hillcar!Please come if you can!

Hillary has said she plans to visit Arizona at the end of the month! Wouldn't you know I will be in Mexico. But I will be constantly checking my phone and e-mail messages, so if anything firms up... I'm on a plane quicker than Hillary can say "experience!"

The interview I had yesterday was fantastic! The news reporter, Carolyn Carver, rocks! She works for a major news station it turns out. Sorry, I forgot which one! She thinks the story should get picked up by multiple stations, wouln't that be cool!
In the filmed interview I stressed that the H.C.A. invites HIllary to Bisbee and to the border.
O.K., just for fun, what if she takes me up on the invitation at the end of January?
Nothings impossible! That's when I hop the next plane and we the H.C.A. get moving! Let's dream big... shall we?

Oh, one more thing! Yesterday Hillary announced the conception of her "Arizona women for Hillary council" Guess who's on it? You got it, ME!!!

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