Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lot's to do!

Sunday's party is just around the bend! I've got tons of things to finish up! More spray-painting on costumes this morning, The Hillcar needs work, the Hilldolls need to be finished...lots of details on the artshow to figure out!
Here's a sticker I made from Shawnee's cool image, I wish I made more for Sunday... I was testing and only made a few!


love23 said...

The stickers got great! Can't wait to plant one on my Bisbeee Van. I will be over at 10:30AM to stencil the back of my shirt and maybe the red pants? Got an email back from Susanne in PA and she can't wait for the car to drive up to her house!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

You gals are going to have such fun in PA. What did you print the stickers on? Can I print some - I just don't have waterproof ink. You both are going to be the hits of Pennsylvania!!!

Flying Mermaid said...

Love the sticker!


El-Change-O! said...

The only way I could make stickers at the local copy shop was with parcel-grade sticker paper, which I had them laminate. I think I'll order real ones on line so we can have them for the trip! Ones that sparkle!