Sunday, March 9, 2008

People from the "Campaign trail!"

I wish I could be out on the "Campaign trail" all the time! If I could I absolutely would! There is so much excitement, crackling energy, and a feeling that we are working together to make history... it's really cool!
The people I have met since being involved in Hillary's campaign has been the best part! Making new friends for life like Judy Nagle, meeting JoJene who I adore, as well as all the others like Lynn, Elly,and Pam. Plus all the new friends I've met in El Paso! I feel like I know Chili much better now ( and love her all the more!) from our Hillary bonding trip!
Plus how much do I love the H.C.A. here in Bisbee? This is what life is all about!
We gotta just keep going at it, and I believe we WILL be a part of making history with America's first woman president!

Here are some more interesting people we met in El Paso. The woman on the left next to the Lt. Governor of Mexico is a lawyer from Boston. She flew in just to take care of any legal issues that might arise. And they did.. she stayed up all night after the primaries fielding calls from polls all over the city siting refractions by Obama people! Hundreds of complaints about Obama people breaking the laws at the polls, and NO complaints about Hillary people!


Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

Your pictures are so fabulous! What fun. Seeing these just makes me sadder that I couldn't go with you. But you did so much good for Hillary! On to Pennsylvania!

El-Change-O! said...

It's Pennsylvania or bust! Call me!