Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New bag for my Ipod!

Sargeant Leigh made me this cool bag for my "Ipod touch". The better to blog you with, my dear!


It gives me some ideas for future Hillary paintings! Thanks, Leigh!


love23 said...

Leigh could not have picked a more amazing fabric to make this bag for you! Reminds me of your first art car, many years ago. I look forward to a painting with some of these themes!

El-Change-O! said...

I agree, it does remind me of my Lion car... but with a new palette! More inspiration from old 70' fabric!

kcmustang said...

what a creative bunch you all are! i am hangin out with the wrong peeps or livin in the wrong place!....luv the '76 fabric...i graduated grammy school that year. life seemed so much more...more freedom and more room to dream...and coke was going to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony....wonder if that is still possible???