Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pennsylvannia or bust!

No doubt Barrack Obama will take Mississippi today, but we're gonna take Pennysylvania! As everyone knows this is the biggie! I want to take my Hillcar there with my dear friend Kate ( who will be played by Jennifer Coolidge when the movie comes out!) Kate is a Pennsylvania native and knows her way around! We plan on taking every city and town by storm in the Hillcar and helping to win this state BIGTIME! But we are going to need everyones help!
We think we will trailer the Hillcar, as it is alas a 19 year old car and I don't feel confident about driving it across the country. All of this is expensive so I'm going to be working every angle to make the money to do this! I think we all agree that helping Hillary Clinton become the first woman president may be one of the biggest things we will ever do in our lifetimes!
Anyway, I'm going off with Kate this afternoon to photograph the Hillcar. I will then put together a proposal and start to work! I'll post the photos later today.. you'll have to let me know if any of the photos cut the mustard!
P.S. we took the photos and we think they look good, but due to a technical error I won't have them up until later tonight!


Anonymous said...

I think you mean Mississippi not Missouri

El-Change-O! said...

Thanks, I just realized that!