Sunday, March 9, 2008

Zac attack!

Zac is 20 years old and he drove from Phoenix to support Hillary in El Paso. Chili and I really had a great time with him. He was our polling place buddy for the primaries. He has much more perserverance than we do, he had been at the polls alone since 9AM. We arrived a leisurely 2 PM and he was definitely glad to see us! All day long it had only been himself and a couple of surley Obama supporter guys who had zero sense of humor.
We arrived with the Hillcar, put on our Hillary masks, and proceeded to dance around to music from my boombox for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Since El Paso is Hillary country, we got waves and cheers and the Obama guys moved and then eventually left!
We saw Zac on the highway in New Mexico on the way back, his muffler looked like it was going to fall off any minute so we gave him plenty of space!

Here's Chili as Hillary.

Here's Zac with Anna's sister Terry.


Zachary said...

haha anna sent me the link to the blog! i love the pictures. I heard you're thinking about going to PA? if you're thinking about it; get in touch with me with what you hear because i'm interested too. my # is 810-919-4495 or you can email me @


El-Change-O! said...

Hey Zac! I will definitely keep in touch and let you know what I decide. I would love to go... we'll see!