Sunday, March 2, 2008

travel itinerary

Here's our tentative plan, to be changed at any time! I pick Chili up in Tucson this morning and off we go down Highway 10 towards El Paso. Tonight, instead of going right into El Paso, we spend the night in Mesilla, NM. A small colonial town about 45 minutes out of El Paso. Mesilla is known for it's Chilis and civil war history. If you know my friend Chili, you know we need to go here ( she doesn't know about this yet!) Chili is a huge Civil war buff and is in-fact driving back to Bisbee this coming weekend to go to Piccacho peak's civil war re-enactment. A friend of mine form the Vineyard, "Run-around Sue", will be meeting us in Mesilla this evening as she is heading in the same direction.
Tomorow, off to El Paso! First we drop in to Hillary headquarters and get our marching orders. Hopefully we stir up some press too! As Madonna once said, "what good is doing anything if no one is there to watch?"
I am going to make reservations this morning at El Paso's only historic hotel, "The El Camino Real", in downtown EL Paso. Built in 1914, this hotel Known for it's tiffany, chandeliers, giant ballroooms, beautiful architecture, and the best bar in the southwest according to Bill's writer friend, Chuck Bowden. This extravagance comes compliments of Judy Nagle! This is how I've decided to spend that 100.00, Judy!
We then spend Tuesday at polling locations, and whatever the campaign needs... as long as it sounds fun to us!
Tuesday night, after the polls close, we get the hell out of El paso, and back on the road to stay somewhere on the way to Tucson... who knows! Then Wed. evening we fly to San Diego for a Leslie Hall show! Yea! Then it's my birthday ( March 6th)... 45 years old!


Tour Wonk said...

you have no idea how much I wish I were going on ANY of this adventure with you girls!

What are we doing for your birthday??

Anonymous said...

Drive safe. I know I will see you guys on CNN. Big love. mo

love23 said...

Oh man THE EL CAMINO sounds great! I just said to Gregg can't wait to see Gretchen on national news, and Mo has already been up way earlier than me, and has my same thoughts on that! Remember last year's birthday? folk art shrine and cadivers! doesn't that seem way long ago? Love you, KATE

Flying Mermaid said...

Bon Voyage, and fun ol' birthday time! How'd that happen again so fast?

Can't wait to hear everything!

Judy from Texas in Arizona said...

So glad to be a part of this excitement with you! Sounds like you two are going to have a blast! Kate, made your funny cake tonight. It's delicious!

Gretchen, I'm thinking of you all the time. Found another article about you in the Bear Essentials newspaper for kids and saved you a copy. Will mail with my check for the earrings.

Tour Wonk said...

Dammit!!! We need updates from the road!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are Hillary's good luck charm for sure!!! Don't know if you will chk. this befor heading to Ca. But Happy ding dang Birthday on Thursday!!!!! Hope you have a ball at the Leslie Hall show. We all need to get together to ring in that 45th year!!!!! Much love, Mo

kcmustang said...

Hillary needs to fly you to every remaining state...we will win for sure if you are there! I am so stoked that Hillary won. Can't wait to here more from you.

For now... Happy BirthDay, Week, Month and 45th Year!!! You have blessed the universe with your art I hope the universe blesses you today and always.

Have a blessed and wicked fun Birthday Sistah!

El-Change-O! said...

Sorry I couln't post blogs on the road, but now with my new gadget I CAN! Thanks so much for all youer support everybody!