Friday, March 21, 2008

More about the fire..

As of early this morning 700 acres have burned, amazingly enough, no houses though! The fire is still raging away off in the mountains away from town.
Last night the fire was dangerously close to town, a lot of people were evacuated. I was at work at Cafe Roka during the worst of it, which happened to be back behind my house. While at work,besides watching the fire burning from the back door of Roka, we had a black out so served by candlelight. During service our hostesses street was evacuated so she had to run home and gather her belongings.
I also left early. As I walked home I could see the hills were on fire on both sides of my street. Walking past St. Elmos bar , everyone was out and acting crazy... energized by the chaos, kind of scary!
When I got home Shawnee had packed what he thought I'd most want... my computer, camera, Hillary portrait, and all my Hillary melmac, plus a pair of pants and my H.C.A. t-Shirt. That's pretty funny... all my Hillary melmac is packed up! Gotta love Shawnee... he knows what I love most!

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kcmustang said...

now that is love ...packing what you most want while you are work.

i find the picture amazing and scary at the same time.

My father was a fireman for 32 yrs in chicago. been to many a blaze and everyone works with such passion to stop the damage. I hope it stops soon and all is ok in Bizbee.