Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Art show on the Vineyard

I'm working to bring my Hillary Clinton INTERNATIONAL! art show to Martha's Vineyard during the time the Clintons and the Obamas are reportedly visiting in August.
Things are looking good! I got a definite YES from a gallery in Oak Bluffs, just setting the date right now!
Keep your fingers crossed, would you?

Hillary Partridge ( work of the day in progress)


Anonymous said...

I love this painting!
Thanks for the sprite, it is too cute.
Lynn in Tucson

Flying Mermaid said...

Oh, you've got the blend down perfectly, woman!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I'm glad you like the sprite, Lynn!
Thanks, Emily. You rock!

love23 said...

Love the Hillary Partridge! way cool!

MrShrine said...

Gretchen, I made an art car for the Clinton Museum last July 4th, got your name from Kate Pearson in bisbee.
Made and sold lots of Make your Own Hillary Shrine Kits
web site
Shrine On Nice blog!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Wow, Mr. Shrine, I will have to check this out!
I can't believe you made an art car for the Clinton museum, I'm intrigued as to what it looked like.
I do remember you from a few years back here in Bisbee.

Louise S. Monkey said...

I loved his shrine kits!!!

mrshrine said...

Gretchen need your e mail, will send picture of Car, also I have Hillary Clinton Shrine Kits
will split $ with army go to

Anonymous said...

Lovely kits.....

Anonymous said...

I loved his shrine kits!!!