Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gem Sweater of Death

Last night's Leslie Hall show not for the weak of heart. It was chock full of danger and death-defying stunts gone awry. Besides the usual problems with malfunctioning mics and lights, it seemed like everything went wrong.
This just made it an even more delightful train wreck to behold.
The girls took each mishap in stride however, and continued to barrel through their way through a fabulous jumble of songs about gem sweaters, trolls, and junk food.


The show was fraught with disaster from the first confusing stunt where Leslie seemed to fall into a huge box covered in gold lame. The box was then rolled away and never seen again.
The audience was really in for a treat when Leslie dramatically ripped down the projection sheet to reveal Mona and Dr. Laura hanging in harnesses tied to some scaffolding.

Laura and Mona

When they both flipped upside down, Mona's pleas of "help" alerted Leslie and the audience that things were not quite right.
Mona cried out, " my harness isn't on right!" Laura's pleas were soon to follow.
Leslie had to get assistance to pull them down. They were suspended about a foot off the ground.

It was extra fun watching this show with Nadia and Paul from Flam Chen.

Nadia and Paul

Flam Chen is a pyrotechnic circus that is like Cirque De Soleil with fire. Massive ariel stunts with explosives and fire are their specialty. They have a 3 million dollar insurance coverage.
Leslie's show was far more dangerous, and Nadia and Paul were completely charmed by it.

When Leslie high-kicked Laura in the face, the show had to stop for a moment to make sure Laura was O.K.
She took it in stride and the show went on. It was great to see Laura back in the act, by the way.
She'd been missing for a while and the show wasn't the same without her.

Laura, Leslie, Mona

I highly recommend you see Leslie's fun, over-the-top show.
I don't know if you'll be so lucky to see as many mishaps as we did, but I guarantee you haven't already fallen in love with Leslie Hall, you soon will.


love23 said...

Good description! I like those shoulder pads too. Great photos by the way. Can't wait to see what you put in ART MART 3!

James said...

I can't wait until she comes back to Arizona~ I hope she'll do a show somewhere in Bisbee. There is a different feel when she performs there. :)

I feel so bad for Laura! I hope her face is okay, haha.

Anonymous said...

Good description!



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